Description of the project:

We will analyze Leibniz’s works and correspondence from 1666 to 1679, in order to see the theory of substance. We will be focused on: the influences from the other theories of substance (Aristotelian, Scholastics, Cartesian, Mechanist etc.); the most important steps for elaboration of the theory of substance and the elucidation of the notion of substance in each of them; the way how survived some elements until the works from the middle years, especially until the monadological view; the solution of the composition problem; the problem of the relationship between soul and body; the created substance and its role; the theological consequences of the composition problem; the view on corporeal substance and the relationship with the body and the organism; the nature of the body; the substance as subject and the way in which the early theory of substance influenced the mature theory of complete notion; the way in which the theory of substance influenced Leibniz’s logical and mathematical research.

Duration: October 2011 – September 2014 (extension: 2016)

Code: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0739

Budget: 548 783,2 lei